Institute of Finance and Economics, Jimei University, begins its origin as Commercial Specialties, Jimei School, which was founded by Tan Kah Kee, the famous patriotic overseas Chinese leader, in Aug.1920.

The institute is comprised of six departments: Department of Finance and Taxation, Finance Department, Department of International Trade, Investment Department, Economics Department and Accounting Department.

The institute has been awarded to grant master’s degree for the first-level disciplines in applied economics, and authorized as a Master of Taxation granting institution, an institution granting Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc).

The institute has established eight research centers: Center for Performance Study of Finance of Local Administration, Center for Industry and Regional Economy, Center for Financial Asset Allocation, Center for Economic Operation Efficiency and Risk Evaluation on the West Side of the Straits, Economic Research Institute, Urban and Regional Development Institute, Experimental Teaching Centre, Literature Center and Entrepreneurial School.

There is a full-time teaching staff of 88 teachersamong whom there are 15 professors, 32 associate professors and 46 teachers with doctoral degrees and Ph.D. candidates. At present, it has 2585 undergraduates and 123 postgraduate students.

The institute cherishes the principle of strengthening the basic, broadening the specialties and innovation and has actually conducted a series of positive exploration and reform. Top priority has been given to undergraduate’s education. At the same time, the institute actively promotes postgraduate’s education, devoting to the cultivation of senior entrepreneurial professional talents, to serve social development. And all its efforts turn out to be fruitful, in recent years, the employment rate stands at over 96%. One student was awarded "National Triple-A Outstanding Student",1 “Top 10 Students of Fujian”,15 “Provincial Triple-A Outstanding Students”,10 “Provincial Excellent Student Carders”,8 “the Provincial Advanced Collective”.

Still, the students have done well in the following 2 major national competitions. They have won one gold medal, 2 silver medals and 3 bronze medals in Challenge Cup Collegiate Business Plan Competition;4 third prizes for Challenge Cup” Extracurricular Academic Scientific and Technological Works Competition.

The finance discipline is excellent in that it is elected as the provincial and national characteristic discipline. Besides, the finance discipline, together with accounting, have been elected as provincial elaborate courses. And the disciplines of applied economics have been chosen as one of the advantageous disciplines of Jimei University

Center for Performance Study of Finance of Local Administration serves as the research base for social science study of Fujian Province. Center for Economic Operation Efficiency and Risk Evaluation on the West Side of the Straits is the excellent liberal arts research center of in Fujian’s universities.

In recent years, the teachers have undertaken over 130 projects from National Social Science Fund of China and Soft Science Research Projects. Among which, 4 projects have won province- or ministry-level humanities and social science awards, and 14 projects Xiamen social sciences awards. Besides, the faculty has made research contributions, including 402 academic papers (among which 136 in China’s core journals), 21 textbooks, and 18 academic works.

Ever since the founding of the specialized laboratories, they have become a multifunctional one that integrate multi-media and network teaching, combining economics, management disciplines and computer science. The laboratories are equipped with advanced network and system software for multimedia teaching. The experimental curriculum involves 10 courses, offering 82 experiment items.

The entrepreneurial school integrates internal and external resources. Starting from entrepreneurship education, the school facilitates both ideological and political education, deepening comprehensive quality education, enhancing students’ entrepreneurial capacity to obtain employment or even start a business. The school achieves the goal mainly through: entrepreneurship forum, lectures on career planning for students and elective courses. Moreover, the institute possesses 26 practice bases outside school.

Ever since Mr. Tan Kah Kee founded finance education, over fifty thousand intermediate and senior talents have been brought up. The alumni are distributed throughout the country, most of them are in Fujian province and ASEAN countries. Many of the alumni have become elite businessmen, some of them have become carders at different levels, but many more the backbones in the trades of finance, taxation, international trade and investment. whatever trade they are in, they are making their own contributions to the society, adding honor to their Alma Mate as the cradle of the financial talents in Fujian.

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